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Lessons for a musical life
Nicola Stanford, Piano Teacher

Ivy Street
Piano Studio

  1. Private Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Personalised, individual weekly lessons during public school terms. Beginners of all ages welcome as well as intermediate and advanced students.
  2. Theory, Musicianship & Music Craft
    Theory, Musicianship & Music Craft
    As well as lessons in playing the piano Nicola provides instruction in music theory. Preparation for written Australian Music Examination Board exams is available for interested students.
  3. AMEB Exam Preparation
    AMEB Exam Preparation
    Full preparation is available for students who have time to undertake study for Australian Music Examination Board exams - Piano and Piano for Leisure. Aural tests, sight-reading and general knowledge are covered in lessons.
Learning the piano is fun

@Ivy Street Music Studio

Playing music is beneficial for intellectual development and it's also fun and rewarding!
Students of all ages will achieve their goals if they are committed and practise regularly.
The piano allows you to play melody and accompaniament together.
There are a vast number of pieces to play in many musical genres.
What would you like to learn to play?
  1. 1
    Do your have a piano? All students need to have a piano at home. For beginners and intermediate level students a digital piano (fulled sized keyboard with weighted keys) is acceptable but a well maintained acoustic piano is preferable.
  2. 1
    Do you or your child have time to practise? All students are expected to practise between lessons to make steady progress and maintain motivation. At least five times a week is ideal, starting at 5 - 10 minutes for young beginners.
  3. 2
    What kind of music do you like? A wide range of music is explored in lessons, including classical, jazz and contemporary depending on experience and interest. Discover new musical styles to enjoy and perform!
  4. 3
    Are you a confident performer? For most people performing is not easy and takes practice. Every term there is an opportunity to perform and listen to what other students having been learning. These friendly informal "Performance Practice" sessions are usually for students only, but once a year family and friends are invited to a recital.