Ivy Street Piano Studio
Piano tuition with Nicola Stanford
The Spot, Randwick NSW 2031
About the Teacher
Lessons for a musical life
Nicola has over 20 years' experience teaching students of all ages to play the piano in her home studio. Her aim is to pass on her love of music in personalised weekly lessons to girls, boys and adult students.
Lessons are tailored to challenge and motivate students while developing technical mastery of the piano. The repertoire chosen is appealing and fun to play.
Beginners are taught the skills to read music fluently. In addition aural, memory and creative abilities are developed.
Exam students are encouraged to learn easier pieces along with exams
repertoire so they always have something to play for friends and family.
It is Nicola's goal is that all her students continue playing the piano long after formal lessons cease.
The Ivy Street Piano Studio is in "The Spot" Randwick near public transport. There is on-street parking available.
Testimonials -
"You are an amazing teacher and I've learnt so much from you."
(Year 11 girl)
"You have really improved our musical education in all aspects and we both look forward to piano lessons next year! Also, thank you so much for helping me pass my exam!" (Year 7 girl and Year 1 boy)
"Thanks for everything - he’s gotten so much out of the last couple of years of your teaching, it’s been brilliant." (parent of Year 7 boy)
"Thank you so much for being a great teacher this year! I know it takes patience to teach me!" (Year 8 boy)
"Thank you for teaching us all these years, as much as it has been hard work we have enjoyed it." (Year 7 & 9 girls)
Teacher of Piano, Theory, Musicianship & Music Craft
BA (Music), Teaching Certificate
Accredited Private Music Teacher
Full Member of the Music Teachers Assoc. (NSW)